What’s a PMB/How This Works?

What’s a PMB# and why is this required?

As of October 2012, new USPS regulations require all Americans and Canadians shipping to Package Depot to fill out and sign USPS Form 1583 and register for a PMB (Private Mail Box) which authorizes Package Depot to receive mail or shipments in your name.


Why Package Depot is better than the rest.

  1. -Automated package notifications via email. If you get an email then your package is here; no arguments, no “come back later”.
  2. -All deliveries are processed and on the shelf the same day.
  3. -Your packages are stored INSIDE not in the rain or cold.
  4. -Post Office Box’s for volume shippers – If the package fits in your PO Box there is no charge. SAVE on your per package cost per year!
  5. -Computer on site for printing invoices from your email if there are none in your parcel.

Step 1: Register for your free account. When you have successfully registered, we will contact you via email with your PMB number. A PMB number is REQUIRED before you can send any packages to our location. Without this number, we cannot guarantee proper delivery of your packages and as a result, they will be sent back to the sender. This applies to all carriers, and our US and Canadian customers (e.g. FedEX, UPS, USPS).

Please contact Bruce or Andrew at (207) 433-0105 for more info.

Step 2: Enter your information (Your name, your PMB# and our address) No need to put “Package Depot” on the shipping label.
When entering your shipping info on your favorite online retailer(s) Be sure to use the following format:

Your Name

Your PMB#

338 North Street

Calais, Maine 04619


Step 3: Use the Tracking menu to see if your package has arrived at our location. You will be given an EZ-Trackit username and password when you receive your PMB number.

Step 4: Drive down to our location in Calais, ME. Price per box is listed below (based on weight):

1 -10 lbs – $3.00/box

11-20 lbs – $4.00/box

21-30 lbs – $5.00/box

31-40 lbs – $6.00/box

41-50 lbs – $7.00/box

51-60 lbs – $8.00/box

61-70 lbs – $9.00/box

71-80 lbs – $10.00/box

81-90 lbs – $11.00/box

91-100 lbs -$12.00/box

Additional charge of $2.00 per 10 lbs for packages weighing over 100lbs per box.

Pallet Charge $45.00 or by weight which ever is less expensive

Storage Charge of $5.00 per week for any package left for longer than 45 days of delivery

If you are not able to pick up your package, be sure to call Package Depot to inform us of who will be picking them up (via email or Facebook message). Photo ID will be required for pickup.

Step 5: When crossing back into Canada, you must declare the value of the item being brought across the border (excluding shipping)*. You also MUST have an invoice from the website you ordered from. Some retailers include them in the box while others do not. It is recommended you print it off before you cross the border. If you forget, we have a PC onsite where you can log on and print off your invoice FREE of charge!

For information on what amounts you can bring back over the border depending on the length of stay in the US, please click on this link to the Canadian Border Services Agency website for more information.